Jennifer Wenker     Art+Ecology+Community Engagement
My artwork is the amalgam of my intwined and deeply persistent drives: Nature, balance, healing and the sublime. Academically, my intellectual interests draw from ecology, philosophy, ecumenical spirituality and environmental justice issues.

My practice is part of the emerging international EcoArt movement which gives voice to the serious multicultural environmental concerns through the lens of art. Much of my work is conceptual--inviting curiosity and individual consideration of ecological issues in their complexity. The work often stimulates dialogue about contemporary environmental issues and acts as a catalyst for community engagement and change.

Material selection is integral to my process and to the message. This way of working has greatly expanded my visual vocabulary and indeed my voice.

My body of work is united, not by a commonality of material, but by a deeply-imbued reverence of Nature, complexity of issues and in its spareness of style--a Zen poetry of form, material and spirit.