Jennifer Wenker     Art+Ecology+Community Engagement
Deeply Rooted Drifting
2-channel video installation, handmade seed-embedded paper (made from shredded pesticide/herbicide advertising)

Deeply Rooted Drifting explores physical, biological, emotional and spiritual connection to place. It is autobiographical but can be universally understood. I am deeply rooted to place; the rolling Appalachian foothills farmed by eight generations of my ancestors are imprinted upon my very DNA. This land to which I am rooted is literally part of my biology, my cell structure, my bones. Everything is interconnected with the being I have become, and so, protecting this land is a way of preserving myself.

My work challenges the historical relationship of human beings in Nature--that of domination over all that is non-human. I am interested in re-envisioning and remediating our relationship to one that respects Nature's deeply interdependent ecological webs and gives reverence to our Interconnectedness. It is my hope that the work engages others, acting as a catalyst for dialogue, and that these conversations are carried out into the world like fertile seeds drifting in the wind....